About Cairo D-Tour

Cairo D-Tour presents a new experience of Downtown Cairo, exploring its multiple points of interests, spaces of memory and heritage sites. These walking tours pass through Cairo main streets and back alleys, revealing the historic significance behind its decaying structures.

Cairo D-Tour recognizes the city monumental boulevards, surviving palaces, and opulent apartment buildings, while exploring the everyday experience around its books stands, food stalls and mobile vendors.

Cairo D-Tour is brought to you by Al Ismaelia for Real Estate Investment. Al Ismaelia for Real Estate Investment (Al Ismaelia).

Al Ismaelia Philosophy

Al Ismaelia aims to develop its properties and revive Downtown Cairo with the overall objective of capturing the spirit and dynamism and to attract again, life and business to the heart of Cairo.
We believe in organic change that stems from the vision and aspirations of Downtown Cairo residents and dwellers. Our focus on the support of art and cultural activities is a reflection of our ambition for the heart of Cairo to be accessible by all members of society that feeds on the lovely and contemporary spirit of its community in the new Egypt.

The content and design of Cairo D-Tour is developed by CLUSTER (Cairo Lab for Urban Studies, Training and Environmental Research).

Our Tour Guide

Ahmed El-Bindary

is an architectural historian and photographer of modern Cairo. His work also covers the documentation of the architectural heritage of modern Egypt (19th and 20th Centuries). His work comprises archival research on various aspects relating to culture and social history. He was in charge of cataloguing the archives of Khedive Abbas Hilmi II, on deposit with the Special Collection Library, University of Durham, United Kingdom. The archives hold the documents that cover the period corresponding to the reign of Abbas Hilmi II in Egypt from 1892-1914 and until his death in Geneva in 1944. He is also specialised in organising architectural walking tours in Cairo. He has contributed to many publications relating to modern architecture in Cairo.

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